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at the time when the watch market has been embraced by the smart-watch, we offer Groust watches graceful and modern, which you can attach to your pocket, or wear in pendant and in necklace.

Our avowed objective: that of bringing up to date the symbol of an unoriented era of elegance and of refinement.

We wanted to create a unique shop for this object which is much more than a fashion accessory. The pocket watch is the accessory of man as woman , a self -extension, which makes it possible to establish its membership at the clan of the alchemists who found the antidote to venom called procrastination; It is the secret heritage of the first adventurers to have wanted to master this force of nature that is time.

owners of pocket watches know that this is a philosophy of life and not a simple practical or demonstration object.

The power of the toquante reminds us that every second is the occasion for an action to be performed, of a Chance to grasp, to feel the power of the moment and to take the latter.

We want to keep this luxury of remaining independent in our ideas, our lifestyle, our character, this is our signature.

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