Cadeau Montre à Gousset

Christmas gift: What gusset watch to offer?

Cadeau de Noël : Quelle Montre à Gousset Offrir ?

Christmas is approaching and you Look for a gift to offer for your loved ones? a gusset watch you seem a good idea?

that's good, welcome to My Pocket Watch! Reference site on the French -speaking market offering more than 2,000 pocket watches , we have called on our customers and teams in order to bring the best pocket watches in the The purpose of 100% satisfy your gift under the tree . In this article, we will see together the watch having received the most positive reviews from our collections.


  • The Modern Pocket Watch
  • The steampunk pocket watch
  • The vintage pocket watch
  • The Mechanical pocket watch
  • The Original Pocket Watch

Without losing one more minute, let's go!

 Boutique gusset watch

Gousset watch gift: our selection!

Let's see the different pocket watches to offer for the Christmas party ! For this selection, we chose a pocket watch representing each collection of our shop . Let's see it all together!

1. Modern pocket watch

For the first category, let's see the Modern gusset watches ! What characterizes these types of pocket watches are the style of dials. Basically, the pocket watches reveal the hours through the telescope , except that this is not necessarily the case with modern pocket watches! Indeed, this collection benefits from highlighting original patterns , symbols , texts or simply a Unique dial as our Gousset watch GRADIAL or our minimal , presented in banner.


2. Steampunk gusset watch

Let's continue our small classification with the Steampunk gusset watches ! The Steampunk universe, in a few words, represents an imaginary world where the second industrial revolution used to use the use of steam mechanisms instead of coal and nuclear. In addition, the Steampunk dress style is a great deal of Victorian era (1837-1901) namely Corset dresses, high-browd hats, fanciful masks or pocket watches! Logic knowing that they were representative clothes during the industrial revolution. World reigned by steam machines and the bourgeoisie, this current inspired a lot of science fiction works and has many sub-genre such as cyberpunk .

3. Vintage gusset watch

Let's move on a little of a few decades to arrive at the 60s! The style of the 60s to 90s is often named as the vintage era . Indeed, it was at this time that dress and decorative fashion took a huge springboard! We forget the chic costumes and adopt the Baggy jeans. Girls cut their hair and men let it grow, freedom of expression bursts, it is the beginning of crazy years ! All this is explained by a global economic growth , due in part by the end of the Second World War. In terms of accessories, Vintage pocket watches also took a large ascent by sporting more original patterns and puts themes in relief , like him love with our Bird nest pocket !

 Vintage Vintage Oiseau Woman Watch

4. Mechanical pocket watch

For the moment, we have only seen special pocket watches! However, it is good to remember that at the base, it is Mechanical gusset watches ! Indeed, before the appearance of quartz watches in the middle of the 20th century, watches and clocks worked with a combination of cogs requiring a winder. The interest of electronic oscillator watches (quartz) concerns the quasi-infallible precision and the watch autonomy. However, we still thought of purists Watchmaking by dedicating a collection specific to mechanical watches!

 Classic Jones pocket watch

5. Original pocket watch

Finally, let's finish our presentation of the clovet watch collections with original pocket watches! On our shop, we classify the so-called original watches when these do not respect the rules of the pocket watch: namely a mechanical watch, an analog display and a design in the shape of a cabochon. It is on this collection that you will find watches with references of pop-culture such as Gousset watch Quidditch < /A>, the Gousset watch in the shape of a game console or our watch to Gousset referring directly to your favorite Italian plumber!

 Bonus gimmer gimmer watch

More than 2000 Pocket Watches on My Pocket Watch!

We have just seen together the watches most appreciated by our customers from each of our collections ! We hope this has help you give you an idea of ​​the pocket watches we offer on our shop. However, we advise you to go in search of the adequate watch among our thousands of pocket watches in order to be sure that it corresponds to the happy owner! My Pocket Watch, it's new watches every week and weekly blog articles in which will bring you a certain general knowledge in terms of watchmaking While directing your next pocket watch.

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