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How to know the value of a pocket watch

Comment Connaître la Valeur d'une Montre à Gousset

Do you have a pocket watch? Are you looking to know the value of your pocket watch?

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In this article, we will see together:

  • How Identify the pocket watch
  • Know if Pocket watch has value or not
  • How Date the pocket watch !

Don't lose one more minute, let's go.

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Identify a pocket watch

Before dealing with the main subject of the article, it is important to know to distinguish the different types of pocket watch ! Like watches, or clocks, there are 2 distinct mechanisms : Mechanical watch and quartz watch .

  • The Mechanical pocket watch, as its name suggests, has a fully mechanical operation . That is to say that needles work via cogs , and will require manual or automatic reassembly! All watches and clocks had this type of operation at their origin.
  • The quartz pocket watch : These are all other types of pocket watch available in our shop. Quartz watches have the advantage of being much more precise and offer a relatively longer operating duration . By this means that it does not require a winding , a better solidity by the absence of microscopic mobile parts and are generally less expensive that mechanical watches.

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How to know if a clovet is value?

Now that the bases have been laid, let's get into the technical part of watchmaking! Recognizing a pocket watch, or a classic watch, at its fair value requires a real mastery. And it is in this part that we are going to give you the tracks to decipher all this! To find out if a watch has to be used, you must recognize the material of your watch and know the time of its manufacture . Let's see it together!

How to recognize a silver pocket watch

The most used materials in watchmaking are metals such as stainless steel , copper , Zinc and in the high-end: silver , or and diamond ! While gold and diamond are easily recognizable by their color or weight, the silver can quickly be confused with steel if you don't really pay attention. Here are some indices to recognize a silver watch :

  • The punch : When a jewel is made from a precious metal, it has very specific punching! In the case of sterling money, we can recognize the title hallmark thanks to figures accompanying the symbol of the post .
  • The money cannot be magnetized.
  • An ice cube placed on the money will melt almost instantly.
  • The Sound of money looks like that of a bell .

With these few points, you can be practically sure of the material of your watch! You can find all the characteristics of the money in our article by clicking on the banner just below.

make an expertise of her pocket watch

In addition to the matter used when making the watch , it is essential to know the history of your pocket watch ! Indeed, even if the pocket watch is manufactured with poor materials, the fact that it belonged to a person of high importance will naturally increase its rating! In addition, it is important to know the state of his watch , Know how to date his pocket watch , Its mechanism, ... In short, you will understand that there are a lot of factors that can influence the price of resale of your watch! And, for that, we can only advise you to make an expertise in your pocket watch ! Only a renowned professional can with dignity analyze your watch, give its right value and you support resale . Stand to pay attention to the reputation of the expert because, if you are new or too naive, you might be fooled!

Mechanical pocket watches: the most prestigious

Now you know everything there is to know about the value of a pocket watch . In this article, we learned How to identify a pocket watch , How Date a pocket watch and how recognize the watch to Silver pocket ! Now, all you have to do is browse our site in order to find the pocket watch that suits you .

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